Dental Marketing

Why Top 10?
What’s Included
What is SEO?
How Do I See Results?

What Kind of Return Should I Expect?

Within 8 months of starting service our average client is generating 10 to 30 new leads per month through their own website(s) – as a direct result of our efforts.

Why Are Top 10 Results Important?

It is critical to appear on the first page of results in Google (and all search engines) because over 90% of visitors will not click through to the second page of Google results. Most people will simply create a new search query rather than go to the second page.

Keywords – How Many and Which Ones Will You Target?

For our typical dentist client, we target well over 30 keyword phrases and combos.
Picking keywords is the first step of our process. We will work with you to find the right keywords and consider things such as traffic levels, likely conversion rates based and what types of clients/procedures you are seeking and the level of competition per keyword. Some of the best keyword phrases will include the city where your dental practice is located. The best keywords are typically formed like this:

  • Chicago dentist
  • Chicago cosmetic dentist
  • Chicago dental
  • Chicago dental office

How Much Does It Cost?

Our SEO services start at $250 per month for Chicago based dental practices. We have a strong SEO program with a proven track record for the Chicago market.

What Services are Included in the Dental Marketing Program?

Our Search Engine Optimization services are designed to include everything needed to make your Internet marketing campaign a success:

  1. Quality, Relevant In Bound Link Building
  2. Keyword Research and Strategy
  3. Onsite Optimization of Code and Content
  4. Website Analytics Install and Monitoring
  5. Conversion Optimization (A/B Split Testing)

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization for Dentists?

Search engine positioning is very important to dental practices. Most new patients find and contact a dentist by starting from an Internet search or by referrals from friends and family (most of whom find their dentist by starting an Internet search). Certainly, direct mail and other dental marketing tools are still very valuable, but the Internet is already driving significant amounts of traffic and will only do more in the future.

We also build websites for dentists. Our services include writing unique dental content, domain name consultation, website design, logo design, contact forms, phone tracking analysis and much more.

How Do I See the Results?

You will see the results of your dental marketing campaign through a monthly reports that include keyword position monitoring, search engine traffic, visitors etc…

This is an example traffic report: