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Guest Blogging, Article Spinning & FUD

Google often sends out messages that seem to have one purpose: to keep websites in line with what works best for their business model. I can’t say that I blame them – we all work to promote things that benefit our businesses. Heh, I was about to add a “but” at the end of that last sentence. Something like, “but it’s worse for Google because of…”. Then I decided that was wrong – Google is a for-profit company and has every right to shape their market to a form that works the best with their business model. What I will do is try to clear some things up from one of their most recent videos.

Currently, guest blogging is the favority activity of webmasters for link acquisition. Due to its easy nature, lots of spammy activities are going on like article spinning etc. Is Google going to hammer websites for links acquired by guest blogging?

Nandita B, India

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Adapting with a changing industry

Have you heard statement about how change is good – you go first?  Most of us don’t like change and as long as companies are made up of people, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies also resist change. Even when their industry is screaming change it’s often a hard sell.

I used to enjoy the Ritz Camera store at our local mall. It was fun to browse and occasionally make a purchase. But, there was something terrible coming. Like the “rough beast” of W.B Yeats well known poem The Second Coming – The Internet was slouching towards it’s arc of history with a blank and pitiless gaze. Change was coming. Many companies that did not have the experience of Ritz were able to adapt.  Other companies were built and flourished out of the turmoil of a rapidly changing environment.  And yet…Ritz Camera, founded in 1918, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and on September 10 it was announced that all Ritz and other associated subsidiaries would close.

I have been consulting a large education publishing company for the last 18 months on how to improve lead generation (think conversion optimization) for their customized curriculum department. Read More



Article on QR Codes

I was asked to write an article for a local Chicago direct mail company. They are a leading direct response company with enough experience and technology to handle high volume printing, shipping and order fulfillment. I have toured their shipping and printing warehouse (it’s huge) and actually watched as they printed QR Codes on Office Depot material. It was pretty impressive.



No Direct Marketing, No BBQ Pork Fried Rice

It’s been 5 years now since my favorite Chinese restaurant closed its doors. I can still taste the pork fried rice made “Julie hot” from what used to be Mandarin Village in Skokie, IL (a near Chicago suburb). The food was outstanding, the service was top notch, the restaurant was clean and the owner/manager was personable and welcoming.  But now it’s gone. It just went dark one day and never opened its doors again. No “we’re moving” signs. No notice of any kind. Read More



Marketing To Friends

One of my favorite places to eat is Rain Forrest Café. The food is nothing special and is overpriced. In fact, each year before I take my family there to eat a small part of me thinks I am about to waste good money on a very average meal. And then I remember why we go… Read More



5 Tips to Build a Quality Website

Building a Quality Website

(for both search engines and visitors)

The major search engines are constantly changing the importance (or lack thereof) of different elements they use to rank sites. Sometimes things change so rapidly it’s hard for the average Internet marketer to keep up with what’s going on. Here are 5 quick tips to build a quality website that will stand the test of time. The search landscape was littered with the wreckage of hundreds of thousands of sites that were recently depressed by the Google “Panda” update. None of my sites were impacted by Panda – here are a few reasons why: Read More



Safeguard Domain Names

Could this happen to you?

A Lake Oswego Oregon real estate company is furious after they claim someone stole their domain name. What was once their virtual property and was prominently displayed on their business cards, brochures, letterhead and all other advertising materials – was not going to a website calling them crooks! Read More

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