Naming Duplicate Pictures

I have a quick question – If we have duplicate graphics on a site, with varying sizes, is it better to differentiate the file name or to locate them in subfolders? As an example, book-cover100px.jpg vs /small/book-cover.jpg.

Answer by SEOJoe –
For SEO the second option would probably be better (/small/book-cover.jpg) as it clearly shows the keyword description of the image. That said – There is not going to be a measurable difference between that and this: book-cover_small.jpg – As you can see the keyword is still part of the file name and the description of the file size is easy to spot. Search engines can also see the keyword and not get it confused with the file size description.

From a coding standpoint I think having your pictures in the same level with different file names will be slightly easier to manage. Just keep the keyword clearly in the file name and make sure the keyword actually matches the image of the picture.

- Joe