Reputation Management

All professionals can be subject to bad publicity. All it takes is a few, or even one, negative comment on a blog or website that has good visibility and your traffic and business can slam to a halt.

Why you need to do it

Let’s say that after many years running a reputable business a client/patient becomes frustrated and writes a negative article and publicly attacks your abilities, work ethic and values on a very popular or well targeted blog.  People respond in the blog and soon there are dozens of hurtful comments, not all relating to you, but the setting of the conversation reflects directly on you or your business. Soon, this web page is ranking #1 in Google for your name or your business name.

How long till that page begins to hurt your bottom line? How much business will you lose before you even realize this article and conversation even existed?

Prevention and Repair

The old adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” certainly applies to reputation management. It is much more difficult to repair damage once it has had time to grow and become rooted. To this end, Chicago Marketing offers the following services to manage and repair online reputation:

  1. Our Monthly Monitoring Service. This program tracks your top keywords and phrases that are most valuable to you. These keywords should include your name and business name. We also monitor thousands of blogs, Twitter and social review websites.
  2. Reputation Repair Service. This is a comprehensive service that focuses on removing or demoting damaging content where possible and also overshadowing any with positive content.